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Svevind is a privately owned company located in the north of Sweden working with renewable energy sources. Svevind plans, develops, sells and operates land-based wind power projects of varying sizes. Our paramount project is Markbygden in northern Sweden with basic conditions to become the largest wind farm in Europe, maybe even in the world, with 1101 turbines.

Generally, the routine follows the model below:
  • Svevind looks for suitable locations in regards to existing wind conditions, electric cable networks, presence of contrary opinions and development opportunities for the area.
  • Thereafter, the design of the installation is planned and the basis of the permission application is produced. The inquiry is made in consultation with the private persons, organizations and authorities concerned. For wind estimations, planning, developing, consultation and environmental impact assessment (EIA), Svevind hires consultants specialized in respective area.
  • When project descriptions and EIA are finished, the applications for permissions are filed or a building report is sent to the municipality concerned.
  • For each project Svevind AB forms a subsidiary responsible for developing. Installation and ownership might also be confided within the Svevind AB subsidiary.
  • When the installation has achieved permissions, Svevind AB or the subsidiary in point, can decide whether to sell either the whole/or parts of the project, or keep it for installation and operation under subsidiary.
Svevind constantly carries out careful calculations to ensure an optimized return of investment and prepares methods by which the local population also will benefit from the wind power.
Six of Svevind's installations have got permissions that have been granted by law. Three of these have, after being granted, been sold to other companies for installation. The farm at Gabrielsberget, consisting of 40 turbines has been granted permissions and building permit during 2008, which led to construction beginning in the winter 2008.
Svevind's paramount project is situated in Markbygden, Municipality of Piteå and has basic conditions to become one of the largest wind farms in Europe, possibly the world. In May 2008 Svevind has applied for permission to install and operate up to 1100-1200 wind turbines in the Markbygden area. The total production is expected to be 8-12 TWh.
Within the framework of the large wind power project, Svevind has been granted permission to install 12 wind turbines in Dragaliden. One additional pilot project is being planned in Stor-Blåliden, this one consisting of eight turbines. Svevind submitted an application for Stor-Blåliden during autumn 2008.
Svevind is located in Umeå, in the north of Sweden. The company has long experience regarding expansion of renewable energy sources.
Svevind wants to contribute to a reduced global warming and to Sweden becoming self-sufficient in renewable energy. Our focus is put on wind power, a type of energy holding with great prospects without leaving any environmental debts for future generations.

Our objectives are:
  • Svevind shall be a stable and well-known actor on the energy market.
  • The projects shall contribute to the benefit and long-term development for the immediate surroundings.




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