Phase 1

Markbygden Vind AB has developed the permit applications for the first phase of the windfarm in Markbygden. The phase includes 314 turbines and the area of investigation can be seen in the map above.

The application was handed into the county administrative board of Norrbotten the 16th of May 2011. The county administrative board proclaimed the case 9th of June 2011. To the right it is possible to download the environmental impact assessment with attachments.

The 19th of December 2011 the county administrative board of Norrbotten decided to give Markbygden Vind AB a permit to build up to 314 turbines. The permit gives Markbygden Vind AB the possibility to produce approximately 2,8 TWh per year.

During the winter 2012/2013 the construction started with the first stage of phase 1, called Skogberget with 36 turbines. Type of turbine will be Enercon E-92 with a rotor diameter of 92 meters and hub height 138 meters. During winter (12/13) felling of trees and road construction took place. Parts of the wind farm has been put into operation during the winter of 2013.

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