In May 2008, Markbygden Vind AB, applied for permission to build and operate a large-scale wind-power plant in Markbygden, Pitea Municipality. The application concern an area of app. 450 km2, with potential for an establishment of up to 1101 WTGS. The total production is estimated to app. 8-12 TWh. The company considered the scope of the project to be of the extent where the matter of its approval should be settled by the government (Download and read EIA (sv: MKB) and technical description).

Markbygden and the high situated, western parts of Infjärden, west of Piteå have very good wind conditions. The area is, for most part, sparsely populated and hence there are comparatively few contrary opinions. Furthermore, the area is crossed by tre large power lines, suitable for transportation of electricity.

The project is an enormous industrial project within the sector of renewable energy, holding possibilities of becoming one of Europe's largest industrial investments. In May 2008, Enercon became part owner in Markbygden Vind AB. Enercon is one of the world's largest wind power manufacturers/suppliers. The contract between the main owner Svevind and Enercon represents both co-operation in the realization of Markbygdenprojektet and a supply-guarantee of the turbines for the project.


Five reference groups have been formed in connection to the Markbygdenproject. The purpose of these groups is to, through meetings with Markbygden Vind AB, act as a sounding board for the company, representing the ideas of the local population and the business world. They shall have good insight in the planning of the project and the possibility to provide the important local knowledge needed. An important note is that the reference groups are a free-standing complement to the present, statutory consultation, that is prescribed by Swedish Environmental Code.

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Stor-Blåliden »
Status: Under construction

Dragaliden »
Status: Operational

Skogberget »
Status: Operational

Ersträsk »
Status: Approved

Phase 1 »
Status: Approved

Phase 2 »
Status: Pending approval

Phase 3 »
Status: Pending approval

Number of turbines: 1101
Total height: 200 meters
Rotor diameter: 82-126 meters
Rated power: 2,3-7,5 MW (adjusted after best technology)
Total installed power: 2500-4000 MW
Estimated annual energy production: 8-12 TWh (fully expanded, the wind farm would produce energy corresponding to an expansion of four rivers: Pite älv, Kalix älv, Byske älv and Åby älv.)